wavecopterSmartphones have begun to demonstrate a greater degree of robustness, where there are more and more handsets arriving with waterproof capability. How about drones? I know one drone which would not go down well with water, and that would be the CUPID drone that delivers a whopping 80,000 volts via a stun gun. Imagine that kind of electricity coursing through the water or at a swimming pool. The WAVEcopter happens to be a fully waterproof multicopter frame which was constructed using chiefly readily available and highly affordable electrical parts.

The reasons behind this DIY project by the creator is to pick up a new perspective on surfing photography, in addition to performing an aerial survey of event sites, as well as to satisfy one’s general fascination with robotics and aviation. Right now, the WAVEcopter stands at build number 2, and there are plans to replace the Naza M flight controller with an Arducopter control board so that one will be able to enjoy mission planning with waypoints for a greater degree of adventure when you are in the great outdoors. So far, the WAVEcopter drone has performed successful flights of more than 10 minutes without any obvious overheating issues that affect its speed controllers or motors, which is a huge relief since that was the main chief concern in a airtight/waterproof frame.

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