In one of the more recent videos that we have come across the Wi-Fi Sense feature in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system. In a relatively short clip on UnleashThePhones’ YouTube channel, it depicts how one is able to turn off Wi-Fi connectivity on their smartphone for a short time, before it is turned on again by itself. Wi-Fi connections can be turned off for a single hour, or you can opt to have it shut off for four hours or an entire day in addition to the normal manual selection. Apart from that, the Wi-Fi Sense feature was also shown off. Assuming one actually drops by a Wi-Fi hotspot on a regular basis, this particular feature would allow them to save up their username and password information in order to ease the burden on your brain. This makes life easier if you want to login automatically the next time that the handset “senses” that the Wi-Fi hotspot is within vicinity.

Apart from that, Wi-Fi Sense will come with a feature where users are able to share their hotspot connection information with other users who via their, Skype and Facebook contacts. To simplify matters, it works this way. Once there is a bunch of friends who gather at the same hotspot, all you need is one person to send that login and account information to their mates, so that the rest of the group will not need to type it out manually.

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