xbox-one-stereo-headset-adapterApparently there are reports of the Xbox One stereo headset adapter experiencing audio issues when it comes to in-game chat, and the folks over at Microsoft have already been alerted to the situation, where they are duly looking into the problem. Some Xbox One owners have complained over on the Astro Gaming forums and Xbox forums that game audio which is sent through arrives fine and dandy, although other players claim that their voice chat is far from being crystal clear, having plenty of distortion and crackling. It seems that only in-game chat audio is affected, while party chat, Skype calls and Upload Studio voice-overs work just fine. I suppose this would eliminate the possibility of a hardware or mechanical problem, but rather, it is more of a software issue.

While the Xbox One itself arrives with an adapter for the included mono headset, there are third-party units out there, including the likes from Astro and Turtle Beach among others which will require the stereo headset adapter that would burn another $24.99 hole in your bank account. A Microsoft spokesperson has already stepped forward to say, “We’ve heard about a small number of users experiencing intermittent issues. We’re actively investigating and are working on a resolution.”

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