xbox-one-improvementWith the next generation Xbox One console set to launch in 26 new markets later this September, it goes without saying that whatever issues (if any) there are with this console ought to be ironed out sooner rather than later. That way, gamers would know what they are getting without being required to troubleshoot problems. Major Nelson has shared details on some of the upcoming features that are set to arrive on the Xbox One.

It would be a rather comprehensive list of improvements to the Xbox One that will roll out in the days and weeks ahead, where it will affect a wide range of components including Kinect and friend notifications. These updates might not be as far reaching as the one that was revealed on March 11th, where Twitch streaming was introduced, but any kind of improvement is always more than welcome, since it tends to translate to a higher level of functionality for various features. It seems that the Kinect would be patched so that its voice and motion detection ability is increased, not to mention allowing its volume to be adjusted. Good times definitely seem to be ahead for all of your Xbox One gamers, that is for sure.

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