Xbox Live program manager Micheal Dunn took to the Xbox Wire blog today to elaborate upon the new console’s reputation system. With Xbox One, Microsoft wanted to let players know how their behaviour in the Xbox Live community is seen by other players. The company offered a preview of this system last July and today it has finally revealed more details about it. Players who see their reputations drop due to feedback from the community will start to receive warnings. If they do not heed warnings, they might have to face penalties as well.

The reputation system has three levels, Good Players, Needs Work and Avoid Me. Dunn says that majority of the players will be placed in the first level. If their reputations continues to grow, they will also receive awards, Microsoft will talk more about reputation rewards in the future.

Reputation will be displayed on a player’s Gamercard. The longer they continue to play online without receiving bad feedback the better their reputation gets. The algorithm has been developed to weed out players who are repeatedly disruptive on Xbox Live. It also ensures that players don’t get a bad reputation for a few weeks of play in which they receive bad feedback. Moreover it is also capable of adjusting false reports from gamers that simply might be jealous of the player’s greater skill or any other other purpose.

Since most players don’t receive feedback from other players about their behaviour, they’ll remain at the Good Player level. Those who see their reputation drop to Needs Work will receive warnings. Players branded as Avoid Me will get penalties such as reduced matchmaking pairings and may even lose certain privileges such as Twitch broadcasting. Reputation warnings will go live for some players starting this month.

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