It has been three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake happened at 2:46 P.M., and for those of us who were not affected by this earthquake other than having read about it in the papers or watching it on TV and the Internet, there is still thing tinge of sadness that hangs over our heads. Imagine multiplying this particular feeling many times over if you were close to the disaster. Yahoo! Japan has an altruistic idea – just for today only, it seems that all searches of “3.11” at Yahoo! Japan ( by 11:59 P.M. March 11 in Japan time, would see the Internet search giant donate 10 yen for each search, per browser, to a financial group that is within the boundaries of the disaster area.

This particular financial group would offer support for sports and educational activities for the kids who live in 3 prefectures in Tohoku that were badly damaged in the natural disaster, and they include Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima. Yahoo has set a cap of 5 million yen in its donation, which actually represents searches through 500,000 unique browsers). What do you think of this particular move by Yahoo! Japan? It surely gives those of us who are still alive a chance to reflect and be thankful that we’re still living and breathing.

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