yoshiEarlier last month, we revealed that Nintendo had a specially themed Nintendo 3DS console that would sport a Yoshi motif on its cover. At that time the console was announced for gamers in Europe, but the good news is that it looks like it could be arriving in North America around the same time as well.


This is according to a couple of listings made by retailers such as KMart and Toys “R” Us in their advertisements. According to both listings, the console will retail for $199.99 but unfortunately it seems that despite the Yoshi theme, there is a chance that it will not come with Yoshi’s New Island preinstalled.

This means that gamers, especially Yoshi fans, will have to get the game separately. The game is pegged for a release on the 14th of March for both regions. Nintendo of America has yet to officially confirm this and announce its availability, but presumably these retailers might have a clue otherwise we doubt that they’d waste valuable ad space on this, right?

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen limited edition Nintendo 3DS consoles. Over the years we’ve come across a variety of them, such as Zelda themed consoles and even Pokemon themed consoles, although in the case of the latter they appear to be Japan-exclusive, so we guess it’s about that North America gets some love.

Anyone planning on getting their hands on the Yoshi-themed 3DS console when its released?

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