bing-personalBing might not necessarily be a search engine that most people use by default. After all Google has proven itself to be pretty efficient and not to mention very familiar when it comes to using its search engine service, so why bother with another brand or website, right?

That being said, this could also apply to advertisers who might find Google’s platform a more lucrative place to place their ads, although the recent State of Paid Search report, it seems that advertisers are spending more money on Bing than ever.

According to the report, it suggests that Bing’s growth is now growing at a rate that is twice of Google. However it seems that Microsoft still has some ways to go before they can catch up, but the fact that more advertisers are spending money to advertise on Bing’s search platform is still a good sign for Microsoft anyway. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Delia Perez, the SVP of Marketing Strategy for the State of Paid Search, was quoted as saying, “A number of factors are driving this growth as advertisers are drawn to Bing’s more flexible campaign management tools in the aftermath of Google’s crossover to enhanced campaigns. Advertisers are still adjusting to Google’s bundling of device management, and Bing may be the more attractive option because it can be a customizable alternative.”

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