amazon-de-strikeHmmm, it seems that Amazon Germany is suffering from another hiccup yet again. German labor union Verdi did ask workers who earn a living over at online retailer Amazon in Germany (where else) to go on strike today, with the raison d’être being a dispute in pay, which has gone on for quite some time apparently. This is not the first time that Amazon Germany’s workers went on strike, as it happened last year before Christmas.


Verdi negotiator Joerg Lauenroth-Mago shared, “Amazon is refusing talks about a wage agreement.” Joerg also did mention that workers at distribution centers in Leipzig and Bad Hersfeld were to kick off the strike beginning with the morning shift. Verdi hopes that with this strike, Amazon will be able to increase the pay of its workers at distribution centers to remain true to the collective bargaining agreements across the mail order and retail industry in Germany.

Amazon has not budged from their current stance and obviously rejected this demand, touting that it sees warehouse staff as logistics workers, while defending their position by categorizing that these logistic workers happen to be on the receiving end of above-average pay according to industry standards. Amazon has 9,000 warehouse staff across nine distribution centers in Germany on their payroll, being the second-biggest market behind the US, while boasting of another 14,000 seasonal workers.

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