amazon-fire-tv-review-038We have been hearing the rumors for a while now regarding a potential Amazon smartphone. After all with Amazon launching their own brand of Android-based tablets, why not a smartphone, right? Well according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, they claim that Amazon could announce such a device by June.

The report reveals that Amazon has apparently been rather busy showing off early prototypes of the device to developers in San Francisco and Seattle in the recent weeks. The Wall Street Journal also corroborates earlier claims which suggests that Amazon could incorporate a 3D user interface. This was actually suggested via a patent that Amazon had filed for.

However instead of relying on the glasses-free 3D technology that Nintendo uses with its 3DS handheld console, Amazon will instead incorporate a retina-tracking technology in the front-facing camera to achieve a 3D, hologram-like effect. However apart from that, not much else is known about the device for now.

Given that Amazon’s Kindle Fire range of Android tablets run a forked version of Android, there is also a good chance that Amazon’s own smartphone will do so as well, thus giving users access to Amazon’s own Appstore (which has recently crossed the 200,000 app milestone) instead of Google Play.

Will this be one of the ways that Amazon sets itself apart from other big name brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, and even Apple? We guess we will just have to wait and see. In any case what do you guys think? Are you excited at seeing what Amazon could bring to the table in a smartphone of their own?

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