aa-more-bomb-threatsEarlier today, we brought you word that a 14-year old Dutch girl who sent a mock threat over Twitter that she intends to bomb an American Airline plane, was subsequently arrested since such threats were not meant to be taken lightly. It makes perfect sense actually, but after doing so, it seemed that the situation has deteriorated from a security point of view – apparently more bomb threats from Twitter users started to appear, targeting American Airlines, of course.


A number of tweets that were posted were in the same vein as that which got the 14-year-old Dutch girl arrested. I guess the authorities figured out that an arrest would let the world know that they will not tolerate such poor attempts at humor, and hoped that this would be a deterrent. The opposite seemed to have happened though, and apart from American Airlines, the unrelated airline Southwest too, happened to be one of those who were affected. I guess no matter how advanced the Internet is, there is no filter for immaturity of its users.

What do you think should have been the correct decision that American Airlines ought to have taken? Now, if there was a genuine threat, it would be even more difficult for safety officers to see through the “noise” generated by these fake threats. Hopefully no one would take this opportunity to pull something that will launch the world into the next phase of war against terror.

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