Apple is due to report its second quarter results on Wednesday. The company’s own guidance for this quarter puts revenues between $42 billion and $44 billion. This announcement actually caused Apple stock to dip as analysts initially expected earnings guidance to be north of $46 billion. 37 different analysts polled by Fortune are of the view that Apple sales will be flat this quarter with revenue expected to be around $43.5 billion. During last year’s second quarter the company’s revenues stood at $43.6 billion.

There is already rising speculation that investors aren’t happy with the way Apple has plateaued. They’re not seeing any significant growth, even though Apple is in no risk of losing its market share and has been posting net profits quarter after quarter. Some might consider this as a best case scenario, that at least revenues aren’t free-falling, but major investors might not see it that way.

Previously an analyst claimed that investors have low expectations from the iPhone 6 because apparently they’re of the view that it won’t be enough to push Apple towards growth. They won’t lose money if sales remain flat and Apple continues to sell millions of units like it does every quarter. But they certainly won’t make more.

iPhone aside, there’s widespread belief that Apple needs to introduce truly new products in order to kickstart growth. While the CEO has said that Apple intends to enter new product categories in 2014, so far nothing new has materialized.

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