anki-starter-kitWe do see the transition from the real world to the digital world – with games such as Second Life as well as EA’s The Sims, giving some of us a form of escapism along the way. How about turning the tables? This is what the folks behind the Anki DRIVE have done. Anki DRIVE happens to be a new racing game that one can play in the middle of the living room floor, but it will be a very different creature from the slotcars that adults of today grew up with. After all, these cars will race around a flat, vinyl track, but you would make use of your smartphone in order to control them.

Apart from that, these cars will also have some more technological help, as they have been specially enhanced with relevant artificial intelligence as well as robotics, letting you duke it out with one another, race head to head with your sibling or friend, or even opt to go wheel to wheel with the AI car. The Anki DRIVE will retail for $199 a pop, and I guess to a certain extent, you can call this a video game in the real world.

Sort of like Mario Kart in the real world, except that you have your smartphone as a controller instead of a conventional controller that these R/C toys come with.

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