arirang-as120It was right at the start of this week when we brought you word that North Korea’s smartphone, known as the Arirang AS1201, happens to look eerily similar to China’s very own Uniscope U1201, especially when you place the two of them side by side as depicted in the image above. Well, here we are with word that the Arirang AS1201 could actually have been made in China instead of rolling off the production lines of North Korea itself, but don’t let the North Korean populace learn of this since it might be considered to be a loss of face to their recently re-elected Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Here is a quick recap on what the Arirang AS1201 comes with to refresh our memories – this particular smartphone will feature an unknown version of stock Android, which will in all probability be an iteration of Android 4.x. Underneath the hood, one will be able to check out a 1GHz Spreadtrum CPU, 4GB of internal memory, an 8MP camera located right on the back, as well as a 2MP camera in front (not too shabby!).

As to whether parts of the Arirang AS1201 are made in China and assembled in North Korea, or whether it is fully manufactured and assembled in North Korea, remains to be seen. Both countries are allies, so it would not be too far out of whack for the first scenario to be the most plausible one.

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