john-chenIn the past we have seen how BlackBerry’s previous CEOs have expressed their willingness to sell off the company in the event that things don’t go well. Thankfully that has not happened yet as BlackBerry has managed to hold onto their handset division, but it seems that BlackBerry’s newest CEO, John Chen, is not shy about letting the division go if it proves to be unprofitable.

In an interview with Reuters, Chen revealed that he would consider selling off the handset division of BlackBerry in the event the division proves to be unprofitable. According to Chen, he was quoted as saying, “If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business.”

However Chen did not mention at what point in time or in which state the company is in before he would make such a call. Perhaps it might never come to that, or perhaps it will, but for now it’s just one of the strategies or moves that Chen has up his sleeves in the event that things turn sour for the company.

There are also other avenues that BlackBerry could explore, according to Chen. This includes various industries like healthcare, legal, and financial services that BlackBerry could leverage their experience to participate in.

In fact according to an earlier report, BlackBerry’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand revealed his plans to make the company a “trusted consultancy” for the Australasia region, where they would provide their experience and knowledge to companies looking to better manage their smartphones.

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