BlackBerry-LogoWhen you think of BlackBerry as a company, you probably think about the company’s mobile phones and how it is generally seen as a device targeted at the working professional or for those working in the government. This is probably thanks to services like BES which allows IT managers and admins to remotely control BlackBerry devices, thus helping ensure that they can remotely wipe it in the event that it is stolen or misplaced.

That being said, it seems that BlackBerry, as far as Australia and New Zealand are concerned, have a new strategy going forward in which they plan on building up a “trusted consultancy” in the Australasia region. This is according to BlackBerry’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Ball, who in an interview with SMH plans on turning the company in a trusted consultant when it comes to security and mobile device management.

But wait, isn’t BlackBerry’s market share around the world a little depressing at the moment? What’s to consult on if there isn’t that much demand for your product, right? Well it turns out that Ball’s plans for BlackBerry aren’t limited to just BlackBerry devices alone, and according to him, “We can say to clients ‘you guys choose your device, your operating system, and we’ll help with the management and the security of it’.”

It’s admittedly a pretty interesting direction that BlackBerry is headed at. After all sales of its mobile devices aren’t exactly stellar and they’re having a hard time competing against the likes of Apple, Samsung, and even Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, so perhaps applying their knowledge and experience about mobile security and offering it as a consulting service could be one way to keep themselves relevant.

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