Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA and is the developer’s answer to popular MOBAs like Riot Games’ League of Legends and Valve’s DotA 2. The game is currently in development and is in a limited technical alpha, according to Blizzard, but it did not stop the developer from showing off what they have in store for gamers during PAX East.

For starters Blizzard has unveiled four new heroes: LiLi, Brightwing, Murky, and Zagara. The first three heroes are from the Warcraft universe while Zagara is from the StarCraft universe. Blizzard has also revealed that additional heroes are in the works, such as Chen, Kael’thas, and Sylvanas. According to Blizzard, both LiLi and Brightwing are considered to be support heroes, with LiLi being able to protect her allies while Brightwing brings healing to the table as well as crowd control.

Zagara is more of a “map-wide” hero with abilities that can span the entire map, such as dropping Creep Tumors that will help increase movement speed and the speed of her summons, as well as the Nydus Worms which will allow the character to sneak up on enemies and attack multiple lanes at an instant. As for Murky, he’s an interesting hero because Blizzard has made him extremely weak, but apparently at later levels he becomes extremely strong so gamers will just have to deal with his weakness at the start and try not to die too much.

At the same time Blizzard has also released trailer videos of two characters – Brightwing and Kerrigan, giving gamers a glimpse at both characters’ abilities in the game. So if you’re interested in checking both heroes out, check out the videos below for the details, or check out the video above for the PAX East feature trailer of the game. So, who’s looking forward to the release of the game?

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