Bloom Necklace for Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

While Nike is busy firing its wearable team, Misfit is still ramping up its product lineup. Shine is my favorite activity tracker band for three reasons: it is the most elegant to wear, it features an unbeatable battery life (months vs. days or week) and it is one of the most comfortable to wear. Additionally, it can be worn with various bands or necklaces and that’s the key when it comes to fashion and style: people need to be different and have endless choices.

When I met Misfits CEO Sonny Wu, he told me that the majority of wearable tech products are “designed by Silicon Valley engineers for Silicon Valley engineers” meaning that most current wearable devices are created with a pretty narrow sense of style and usability. Although I am amazed by the innovations in that field, I tend to agree with the statement.

Today, the company launched Bloom, an elegant stainless steel pendant decorated with delicate floral patterns. Bloom easily clips to your Shine, thanks to its magnetic body. The Bloom necklace is available today for $79.99, and you will be able to find it at BestBuy later this spring.

In case you do not own the Shine, the device retails for $99.99 (including sport band) at Apple Stores, Target, Best Buy, and

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