cesiumOwning a watch is something that most of us already do, although I am quite sure that many of us prefer to take a look at our smartphones to tell the time (and use the opportunity to see if we have received any instant messages, SMS or emails to attend to them). However, if you happen to own a great looking watch of value, parading it on your wrist with pride is the way to go. How about taking a look into the future with the Cesium 133 timepiece?

The Cesium 133 watch is a Kickstarter project that requires the masses to raise enough funds for it to enter production. What makes the Cesium 133 timepiece so different from the rest is the fact that it is an atomic clock that you wear on your wrist, having been named after the very atomic element that powers its oscillator, now how about that? While it is not as accurate as one of those humongous atomic clocks set up by governments, the Cesium 133 will lose only a single second every 300 million years, which will never happen for way too many lifetimes, hence making this a stupendously accurate timepiece to wear.

Only 10 of these will be created at $6,000 a pop, and all of these have already been snapped up. Good to know that the production run will make it available to anyone who is flush with cash, considering the price point has doubled to $12,000 each by then.

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