Beer pong is a game typically played during our college/university days, and sometimes in adult life too, depending on the situation. That being said the game itself is pretty straightforward. The opposing player will attempt to land a ping pong ball in one of the cups of the other player, and if he/she does, that player has to drink, with each player taking turns (sometimes it’s team based).

However who’s to say that such a “traditional” game can’t be given a high-tech makeover, right? That’s exactly what the Interactive LED Beer Pong Tablet has managed to achieve by incorporating a bunch of LED lights and sensors that turns the somewhat simple and straightforward game into something else entirely. We’re not sure if this might enhance the experience or detract from it, but either way it looks like a ton of fun.

The tablet itself comes with 384 individually controlled RGB LEDs and covered with a Lexan sheet to help protect it from inevitable spills. There will also be cup holders that contains LED lights of its own and an IR sensor that can detect whether or not a cup is in place, and if a cup is removed, it triggers an animation on the LED grid which looks pretty cool.

For those who are particular when it comes to hygiene, the beer pong table even comes with a ping pong ball washer that washes the ball via a water reservoir that connects under the table between the two LED rings at each end. All the player has to do is pop the ball into and it will come out the other side cleaner than it was when it went in.

We’re not if its creator, Jeff, ever plans to sell his creation but he has uploaded the instructions for those who want to make one of their own. In the meantime you can check out the video above to see the table in action.

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