democreativityVideo games – this is a topic where many people have different opinions. Some believe that there are games out there which are just way too violent even with the ratings board approving it, while others figure out that regardless of the kind of video game played, it is still better to turn off the screen and head outdoors for some real fun. Whatever it is, video games have certainly captured the imagination of the masses – otherwise, how else could we see an explosion of the mobile scene that we know today? Sweden intends to change one’s perspective about video games through the Democreativity initiative.

Democreativity is the result of a team effort which comprises of VisitSweden, the Swedish Institute and Business Sweden, with the hope of delivering both democracy as well as creativity to nations all over the world. The Democreativity taskforce has issued a clarion call for the world to contribute their suggestions on candidates for “the most unlikely game ever made,” where the team will then work on it.

The end result will hopefully end up as a truly unique experience, where there are no winners or losers in the game, and collaboration and exploratiion happen to be the ultimate end goals. I am not so sure whether people will continue to play this after they have satisfied their curiosity in giving it a go. To date, over 500 people from 126 countries have already submitted their thoughts on this, and counting.

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