bungie-destinyIt does seem as though something huge is being prepared by the folks over at Bungie, considering how a fair number of Destiny teasers have already started to make an appearance over the course of the past few hours, with most of these videos appearing on the official Destiny and Bungie Facebook accounts. These videos add to the overall mystery instead of shedding them, as they feature cryptic (albeit gameplay related) messages as well as short Instagram video clips.

In the first message that appeared, it mentioned, “Tomorrow, witness the formation of a Fireteam.” where the video that accompanied that statement showed off a bunch of futuristic looking spaceships that descend from, well, space.

It was not too long after that (to the tune of three hours thereabouts), another message made an appearance on Facebook, citing “Tomorrow, see how a Guardian chooses their mission.” That particular video boasted of a close-up shot of a map on Earth.

Last but not least, a third video made its appearance, where it has a caption that reads,”Tomorrow, watch as three brave Guardians take the fight deep into the enemy’s lair.” Are all of you stoked up at what Bungie has in store for the masses?

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