battlefield4When EA released Battlefield 4, the game was not only action-packed, but packed full of bugs as well. So far EA has taken steps to try and quash as many of the bugs as possible, but in the meantime it looks like the game has been hit with yet another issue – rubber-banding.

What is rubber-banding, you ask? We’re sure most players playing online games have experienced it at some point in time, but basically it’s where your character moves forward based on your commands, but due to lag or other issues, you find yourself standing back where you were a few seconds ago.

This is extremely annoying and we can only imagine how frustrating it must be in games like Battlefield 4 where every second counts. Thankfully DICE has addressed the issue on their blog and stated that this is a problem they’ve noticed affect certain platforms when playing 64-player matches.

Given the number of players involved, we guess some lag is to be expected, but DICE stated that this could also stem from poor server performance and is something they’ll be looking into. “Looking into this further, we’re unhappy with our server performance, so we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience. As soon as we know the exact timetable, we’ll let you know the ETA. Reducing lag for these players is absolutely a TOP priority for us to solve and we expect to have the solution very soon.”

No word on how soon is “soon”, but hopefully it will be resolved before it does even more damage to the franchise. In any case are any of our readers affected by this issue, and has it turned you off from playing the game?

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