There is just something special about DIY projects that melts the heart, and with this person known as “Bungle”, he or she has come up with a portable version of the Nintendo 64. Of course, there is no such thing as a portable Nintendo 64 in the first place, so some serious engineering considerations needed to be made for this unique DIY handheld project that you see above.

Bungle did write down a description on the Bacman retro console modding forums, touting that this particular model of the modified Nintendo 64 will offer support for both Expansion and Rumble Packs, in addition to custom buttons, a legitimate N64 analog stick, internal memory and a 3.5″ display. In fact, the mod does accept the real cartridge of yore, the very same ones that you slip into a Nintendo 64 back in the day, and the 4,400mAh battery delivers approximately four hours of juice.

While this is not exactly up to par with the battery life readings that the Nintendo 3DS or the Sony PS Vita carry, still, hats off to Bungle for coming up with such a hack. Will such creations actually be developed on a larger scale so that it can actually be purchase? Imagine playing GoldenEye on a 3.5” display, it certainly rolls back the years, doesn’t it? This is not the first portable Nintendo 64 console that we have seen, and hopefully it will not be the last.

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