phpy6kbbnDrones, for the most part, can be operated by anyone who knows what they’re doing and you don’t really need a license for it, although it seems that licenses could be considered, not just for commerical use, in the future, especially when a recent drone accident left an athlete cut and bleeding which required three stitches in her head.

According to Raija Ogden, an athlete participating in the Endure Batavia Triathlon, the drone struck her in the head when it crashed, contradicting the drone owner’s statement that she was simply frightened by it and fell to the ground. Ogden also claims that witnesses saw it happen.

The drone’s owner, Warren Abrams, works for New Era Photography and Film and volunteered to use the drone to help provide a live stream of the event. According to Abrams, he believes that his drone could have been hacked which explained why it might have crashed, stating that this is the first time it has ever happened ever since he owned the drone which was more than a year ago.

In a statement released by Geraldton Triathlon Club president, Simon Teakle, a full investigation is expected to be launch to determine how it happened and the circumstances surrounding it. If anything this incident goes to show that while drones may have its uses, in inexperienced hands it can prove to be pretty dangerous.

[Image Credit – Browning Media]

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