twitter-selfie-paintingThe word “seflie” had its best moment last year, ending up as the Word of the Year, at least according to Oxford Dictionaries. Since then, there were also some downs (such as the act of capturing selfies being associated with a mental disorder), despite the fact that this Ellen selfie snapped at this year’s Oscars ended up being the most tweeted photo to date. Well, what a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 captured for posterity has been transformed into a painting, and it has been hung over at the Twitter headquarters.

In a tweet which was sent out by Twitter employee Lauren Mitcheom, it showed off the painting as well as an invitation for Ellen to drop by Twitter’s headquarters, so that she can continue with her selfie quest by snapping one with Twitter’s employees. After all, what better place to do so than at your home ground?

Has anyone wondered whether it might be worth making a postage stamp that has Ellen’s famous selfie? Sure, she might still be hale and hearty, but surely stamps ought not to be reserved for the dearly departed alone. What other selfies that you have seen so far deserve to be turned into a painting?

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