fitbit-recallBack in February this year, Fitbit announced that they would be recalling the Force fitness tracker due to numerous complaints by customers regarding skin irritation. That being said with Fitbit out of the picture temporarily, would they have lost ground and given up market share to their competition? Well it turns out not really, according to the latest figures released by NPD.

Prior to the Force being released in October 2013, Fitbit’s market share in fitness trackers was around the 64% mark, and with the Force being released, those numbers jumped to 67% during the period of March 9th 2014 to April 12 2014, which is surprising given that the Force fitness trackers had been recalled which no doubt could have slightly tarnished their image.

NPD has since confirmed those numbers in a statement, “Fitbit has confirmed those numbers with us and they are correct for the time periods stated.” It’s actually pretty interesting because let’s face it, there are plenty of fitness trackers out there in the market today, so if the Force is out of the picture, there are other options to choose from, such as Nike’s FuelBand SE, the Jawbone Up, and the Samsung Gear Fit just to name a few.

Then again perhaps it’s Fitbit’s reputation that has managed to keep customers interested. In any case there’s no telling on when the Fitbit Force tracker will be put back into the market, but in the meantime the company has a host of other tracking devices that you could check out.

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