sonos-bridgeSonos is currently working on a software update that will let its wireless speaker system do away with the need for a physical connection to the actual home network itself. If successful, this particular software would then enable the system’s SonosNet network to play nice with one of the speakers by accessing the local Wi-Fi network, all the while avoiding wiring either a speaker or the Sonos Bridge wireless networking device to a router, now how about that? This is truly a step in the right direction for those who want to get rid of all kinds of cables in their home (or office).

Right now, the speakers would create the SonosNet wireless mesh network between each other that are independent in nature from a home Wi-Fi network. To enjoy Internet connectivity, there must be one Sonos speakers to remain hooked up over Ethernet, or through the use of the Sonos Bridge. The new system, however, would pave the way for a speaker to be connected sans wires to the home network, where one uses a smartphone to configure it.

This particular solution might eventually do away with the need for the Sonos Bridge. Sonos is aware that in some mansions or “challenging network environments”, it is not physically possible to place the speakers within range of the Wi-Fi signal, which would be where a Sonos Bridge or wired speaker comes in handy still.

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