htc-one-m8-dot-view-case-06The brand new HTC One M8 comes in three different color finishes: Glacial Silver, Amber Gold, and Gun Metal Gray. All those are pretty “safe” choices as they’re relatively tame and to a certain extent pretty classy as well. However if you were looking forward to something more striking, you might be interested to learn that there could be a red version of the HTC One M8.

This is according to @evleaks who revealed that Verizon will be getting a special version of the handset that comes in a Glamour Red finish, which we guess is a tip to Verizon’s nickname being “Big Red”. Back in 2013, Sprint was given the same treatment with a red HTC One of their own too, but we guess this year the luck falls to Verizon.

There is a good chance that it will still sport a metal build as opposed to a plastic build which we have recently heard about, so it seems that would-be customers can rest assured knowing that they won’t be getting a less premium version of the phone. However apart from the new coat of paint, chances are that the paint job will pretty much be the only thing that has changed, and that the innards and hardware specs and features of the phone should remain the same.

It seems that HTC is doing their best to provide carriers with certain exclusives regarding their HTC One M8 handset. For example while Verizon will be getting an exclusive Glamour Red finish option, Sprint’s version of the HTC One M8 actually comes with Harman/Kardon BoomSound speakers which could prove to be an edge over the other carriers. So, which model have you gotten, or are planning to get? Sprint or Verizon?

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441 PPI
~$140 - Amazon
4 MP
F Aperture F-Stop
160 g
2600 mAh
No Wireless Charg.
Launched in
Snapdragon 801 + MicroSD
Storage (GB)
16, 32
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