glowdark-treesGoing green does seem to feature heavily on many peoples’ minds these days, and it is a legitimate issue to pursue considering how we need to work in making sure that there is still an earth left for the next generation to live in. Having said that, lighting up cities at night can consume a whole lot of power, especially in public areas such as walkways and parks to ensure that folks can see where they are going, while hopefully helping to deter crime. How about using trees that glow in the dark in order to brighten up cities at night?

This is the premise that will feature spray-on light absorbing dust on trees so that these same trees that provide shade and protection from the sun during the day will be able to give out a phosphorescent shine at night – and who knows, it might be bright enough to save power on behalf of the city as street lights are defunct?

It has been speculated that such an effort will be able to reduce the overall carbon footprint of a particular area. Such a special dust would feature particles that will soak up the sun’s rays during the day, and when night falls, it will emit a soft blue light. Somehow, such a scene would remind me of Avatar…

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