gogo-inflightGogo has provided inflight Wi-Fi to passengers for some time already, and this time around, the leading aircraft communications service provider has announced a step in the right direction where global connectivity is concerned with 2Ku. Gogo has big plans for 2Ku technology, having expectations for it to outperform other global connectivity solutions that are currently available in the market. Just like in the past, Japan Airlines will have a special place in Gogo’s heart and mind, since they will be one of the first airlines that will trial this advanced technology.

The 2Ku technology will make use of similar low-profile antennas as Gogo’s Ground to Orbit (GTO) technology, where it will be deployed for aircraft that fly in North America. Instead of making use of Gogo’s Air to Ground solution when it comes to the return link to the ground, 2Ku will feature a pair of low-profile, high efficiency Ku-band satellite antennas. Such new technology is capable of delivering peak speeds to the aircraft of more than 70Mbps.

2Ku will see 70Mbps arrive not only for folks living in the U.S., but also to the rest of the world even when they are in the air. Gogo has hopes that this service will be made available for the commercial aviation market some time in the middle of next year onward. [Press Release]

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