It has almost been two years since the Mountain View based internet search giant showed off its wearable device, the Google Glass. Since then the device has gradually been sold to a group of selected people called Explorers. Though recently Google started loosening the grip a bit as it offered invites to Play Music All Access subscribers. Earlier today the order page on Google Glass website went live and anyone could purchase a unit without needing an invite. That might have been a mistake as the page has now been pulled.

As soon as the order page was spotted, some though that Google’s recent one-day open for all sale of Glass was actually a trial run for this very day, when the company would allow anyone and everyone in the U.S. to purchase a unit. Someone might have jumped the gun though because the company doesn’t appear to be going down that road just yet.

No word as yet on when this wearable device will be released to the public. Google hasn’t commented on this slip-up, so its unclear if it will honor any orders placed in the short time that the order page was live. Up for sale were Explorer Edition units of Glass, a revised version was released some months back. It costs $1,500.

That’s not the price Google can expect the public to pay for a wearable device. Obviously when it does publicly release Glass, the price would have to be much lower for this to be a successful product.

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