From time to time Google tries its hand at something new, something that it has never done before. Word on the street is that a Google wireless carrier service is being explored. Apparently the folks at Mountain View want to launch their very own service and they’re reportedly in talks with Verizon to see if Big Red will let them piggyback on its nationwide network.

It merits mentioning here that this isn’t the first time a Google wireless carrier service has been rumored. Last year it was reported that Google held similar talks with Sprint, but nothing materialized. Verizon would certainly offer a better network to piggyback on. It happens to be the largest mobile operator in the country with a nationwide 4G LTE network.

Google itself won’t invest in infrastructure or purchase spectrum, it will simply launch what’s known as a MVNO or mobile virtual network operator. The service will be based on Verizon’s network, Google will just set its own plans and pricing.

Its not crazy to believe that Google is exploring this opportunity. The company’s Google Fiber brand continues to expand, and with the popularity of its Nexus smartphones, it may serve Google’s own interests to go one step ahead in offering customers the complete communications package.

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