heat-garmentWhen it comes to the worlds of technology and fashion, we do seem to see how both universes tend to cross one another’s paths in recent years as compared to the previous millennium. Of course, there is still the issue of washing battery operated clothing, since one would have to go through the hassle of removing the batteries and whatever wiring there is beforehand, but the future does look bright. In fact, for Alexander Wang, his Autumn/Winter 2014 collection takes a page out from the future by making use of heat sensitive fabrics which were laser cut with precision.

These heat sensitive fabrics were then knit and woven, transforming the wearer into someone who oozes with satisfaction, and the clothes literally seem to come “alive”, so to speak. It would be interesting to see how this unique collection would fare in tropical countries as well as in the desert where the mercury rises to relatively high levels during the day.

Other than fashion, the clever manipulation of fabric using heat sensitivity could also be a theory that can be applied in modern warfare – case in point, the PL0-01 stealth tank that we talked about yesterday. Imagine working on a stealth cloak using the same principles without requiring the use of Harry’s invisibility cloak.

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