hooptrackerThe Hoop Tracker might soon augment your future sports training sessions as wearable tech has yet another advocate that will allow athletes to better understand their own strengths, and in the same vein, their weaknesses, too. I am referring to the Hoop Tracker, which so happens to be a smart watch that has been specially designed to target basketball players, where it will go about its job in measuring training progress automatically, where among the parameters measured include shooting percentages and accuracy.

After all, anything that can be measured, can be improved, and Hoop Tracker founder Jason Duke said, “If you’re going to perform an activity you’re going to want to know how well you’re doing it. Basketball is no different.”

Comprised of a couple of main components, the Hoop Tracker is a shot detector that is magnetically mounted on the hoop and the watch, too. Each time you line up and take a shot, the sensor will kick in as the ball hits the backboard or the rim. Should it be a money shot, the ball will hit a lever that has been positioned within the hoop, and the shot is recorded as made. A miss will be registered if the opposite happens.

What do you think of a piece of hardware such as this to help elevate your game to the next level? [Kickstarter Page]

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