touchid-640x431So we know that with iOS 7.1.1, Apple introduced several changes and improvements to the operating system, most notably with Touch ID where they reportedly managed to fix issues from before. For those unfamiliar with Touch ID’s issues, there have been reports from users about how it would “degrade” over time, which meant that users had to rescan their fingerprints every now and then.

It wasn’t a big deal but it was troublesome, not to mention it doesn’t look good for Apple either. That being iOS 7.1.1 should have addressed those issues, but how did Apple go about doing that? Well according to Redditor, iOSecure, he has offered an explanation as to the changes Apple made to Touch ID and how not only is it more reliable, it is faster too.

This has apparently got to do with how it gathers information when setting things up. With the changes Apple made in iOS 7.1.1, Touch ID will now gather more fingerprint scans when you are setting it up. This allows the scanner to get a better idea of what your prints look like by discarding any anomalies, such as debris, cuts, and so on.

Next it also tries to anticipate any errors that might occur in future scans and by doing so, it will recognize these “errors” as being valid, meaning that it should take your phone less time to scan and recognize your fingerprint now.

“With iOS 7.1.1 Apple now takes multiple scans of each position you place finger at setup instead of a single one and uses algorithms to predict potential errors that could arise in the future. Touch ID was supposed to gradually improve accuracy with every scan but the problem was if you didn’t scan well on setup it would ruin your experience until you re-setup your finger. iOS 7.1.1 not only removes that problem and increases accuracy but also greatly reduces the calculations your iPhone 5S had to make while unlocking the device which means you should get a much faster unlock time.”

If you are still using iOS 7.1, perhaps you might want to consider upgrading to iOS 7.1.1 especially if you are facing problems with Touch ID. That being said, more information about how Touch ID works can be found on Apple’s website. So iPhone 5s users who upgraded to iOS 7.1.1, do you notice that Touch ID is more reliable and faster now?

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