htc_logoIt seems that because the Indian government believes that Nokia owes them money from unpaid taxes that they didn’t exactly give their blessing to the upcoming deal between Nokia and Microsoft which would see the latter absorb the former. Nokia has since given up their factory in Chennai, India, in order for the deal to proceed, but what about the workers at the factory?

While they are expected to be given redundancy packages by Nokia, it seems that HTC might have an interest in the property after all. Speaking to the Economic Times of India, HTC’s CFO, Chialin Chang, was quoted as saying that HTC would be happy to look into the factory and might be interested in taking over it, assume that they are able to find a use for it.

“I am happy to look into it, because the overall preparation, exploration hinges upon if it will serve consumers better. If that (plant) will do that (service consumers better), then we would be happy to look further into it.” There’s no guarantee that HTC will actually go ahead and take it over but at the very least they are interested in taking a look.

Assuming that they do, it might prove to be advantageous for HTC who will then be able to use the factory to help produce some of their handsets as well, and possibly at a lower-cost too. In any case the Microsoft-Nokia deal will officially close on the 25th of April after which the cellphone division of Nokia that Microsoft bought will be renamed to Microsoft Mobile.

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