We have all heard this phrase being thrown around a lot, “binge watching.” Basically when someone starts watching a new TV show that has been out for a while and starts to like it, they often find themselves watching more than one episode in a single sitting. This act is referred to as binge watching, and ardent fans are known to finish entire seasons in one night. Netflix, which takes it time in making new episodes available, often has entire previous seasons of popular TV shows. Its been one of the best facilitators of binge watching for quite a while and now Hulu wants to cash in on the frenzy as well.

Later today the company is expected to announce a multi year deal with 21st Century Fox and Comcast’s NBC Universal. The deal will give Hulu access to previous seasons of some of the networks’ most popular TV shows, including but not limited to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Mindy Project.”

Amazon’s Prime Instant competes with Netflix over attracting viewers for past seasons, Hulu seems to be set to join them. The streaming service costs $9 per month, and before the deal, it was best known for a modest collection of movies and current season titles.

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