Hybrid Motorcycles To Serve The Army SoonThe military is definitely one place where you can work and “play” with the latest “toys” that are in the market – or maybe not even released yet. Most of the time, such tools will be used to make your military unit as efficient as possible, whether it is meant for offense or defense. Logos Technologies recently picked up a DARPA award in order to work on a silent-capable hybrid electric military motorcycle.

This particular technology, when it is properly researched and prototyped, is said to be able to help small but mobile, distributed military teams to traverse across long distances in a short amount of time, and to do so stealthily even across harsh enemy terrain.

Such a hybrid electric motorcycle would be developed in partnership with San Francisco-based all-electric motorcycle producer BRD, where this particular platform will see a combination of Logos Technologies’ quiet, multifuel hybrid-electric power system alongside the cutting-edge, off-road electric motorcycle platform developed by BRD. This marks the maiden attempt that a two-wheel-drive, multifuel hybrid capability will be mated within a full-size off-road motorcycle. Captain America would definitely have benefited greatly from such a vehicle back in the day when he was kicking Red Skull butt, that’s for sure. [Press Release]

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