gear2-teardownThe folks over at iFixit certainly do take their craft seriously, learning how to dismantle each new device that comes out, so that us consumers do not need to go through the same process. Along the way, they do share details such as the overall repairability score, not to mention anything noteworthy that they have discovered. Well, this time around, the iFixit folks have gotten hold of a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, and what are some of their findings? The battery can be replaced without having to go through too much trouble at all, which is a good thing, really.

In the Samsung Gear 2 teardown, all that one needs would be a screwdriver and hands that are not averse to a wee bit of light prying so that the case itself will be able to open up, revealing its innards to the rest of the world. Other than the battery itself, majority of the other components could be released easily – relatively speaking of course. There is one particular point to take note of though – a fused display assembly would mean you will have to replace the entire shebang if it were to be damaged or defective. How do you find your Samsung Gear 2 that sits pretty around your wrist so far?

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