intel-education-2-in-1No company worth its salt would want to remain where it is and let the rest of the world move on. No sir, they would want to remain at the cutting edge of innovation all the time, and Intel is no different, having updated its range of education-oriented tablet and notebook reference designs by rolling out its maiden 2-in-1 device. Known as the Intel Education 2-in-1, this does seem to resemble more of the Classmate PC convertible netbooks of yore, but you would presumably be on the receiving end of far more computing power than a netbook.


With the Intel Education 2-in-1, this notebook comes with a hinge that enables you to twist the screen around so that it functions as a tablet, sporting a detachable keyboard base to boot. The display stands at 10.1” in size, and it has a quad-core Intel Atom Z3740D Bay Trail processor running underneath the hood, complemented by Windows 8.1 as the operating system of choice.

According to Intel, this particular tablet is able to run for nearly 8 hours on a full charge as you go about your everyday tasks (the context to achieve this battery life was not detailed, and since everyone uses their computers or notebooks differently, perhaps being more pragmatic and dropping the battery life by a couple of hours might be a more realistic figure. What do you think?), while there is also another battery in the keyboard dock.

The Intel Education 2-in-1 sports a rugged case which is water and dust resistant, allowing it to endure a fall of approximately 28” without batting an eyelid. Other hardware specifications include front and rear cameras, the ability to play with accessories such as a snap-on magnification lens and a temperature probe. [Press Release]

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