intel_signEveryone including Intel probably knows that they’re late to the mobile game which is currently dominated by ARM and companies that rely on their technology and architecture, such as Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple, NVIDIA, MediaTek, and etc.

To date we’ve seen Intel attempt to gain more ground by catering to lower-end devices although we’re not sure how successful that venture has been. However Intel does not appear to be giving up as they have announced a new strategy which involves providing exclusive content to devices that are powered by Intel’s chipsets.

The details are expected to be shared this Thursday during the Intel Developer Forum which will be held in China, but the gist is that Intel will be working with hardware vendors to create exclusive content for Intel-powered devices such as games or entire software suites.

While this sounds like an interesting idea, we have our doubts as to whether that will help Intel increase sales and demand for Intel-powered handsets or tablets. When it comes to software it is safe to assume that there will always be alternatives. For example if one does not want to pay for Microsoft Office, there are free alternatives like Google Docs, QuickOffice, Open Office, and so on.

Exclusive content could make Intel’s devices seem a bit more attractive but we’re not sure that would be enough. What do you guys think? Would exclusive content be enough to make you want to consider purchasing an Intel-powered handset?

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