ios7-beta5The thing about iOS devices is that whenever an update is issued, everyone with compatible devices will be able to update straight away. This is compared to updates pushed out by other platforms which are usually done from region to region, and in some cases, are even subject to approval by carriers which could result in unnecessary delays.

Now we have been tracking iOS 7’s adoption rate ever since it was released in the later part of 2013, and now according to the latest numbers released by Apple, it seems that 87% of all iOS devices visiting the iTunes App Store are running on iOS 7 which we have to say is a pretty damn impressive.

In fact we have to wonder just how far Apple will be able to get when they presumably will show off iOS 8 during WWDC 2014 which is taking place in the middle of the year. To give you guys some context, back in 2013, iOS 7 saw a 52% adoption rate a week after it was launched. The number then climbed to 74.1% in December, hit 80% in January, and a couple of weeks ago it was reported that adoption rates was at 85%.

However we should note that iOS 7 is a major change over iOS 6 not only in terms of features, but in visuals as well, which could prompt the high adoption rates since we’re sure that many had gotten a bit bored of how iOS looked before and wanted something new and fresh. It’s hard to say if the changes made to iOS 8 will bring about the same frenzied rate of adoption, so we guess we will just have to wait and see.

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