The display may not be the only thing Apple bumps up on iPhone 6 if an analyst is to be believed. Jefferies’ Peter Misek claims in an investor note released today that Apple has been negotiating with mobile carriers about raising the iPhone 6 price by as much as $100. If carriers have to pay more to get the device from Apple, subscribers will subsequently have to pay more monthly to get it from the carriers. However, it seems that carriers aren’t warming up to the idea, at least that’s what Misek claims.

Normally most analyst predictions aren’t even worth the paper they’re printed upon. But there are certain famed Apple analysts that have been right multiple times in the past. Misek is one of those analysts with a hit or miss track record. He believes that Apple might be able to get away with charging more for the new iPhone because no other “game-changing” phones are expected to come out this year.

One might ask why would Apple want to raise iPhone 6 price when its smartphones are already under increasing pressure from relatively cheaper devices. The entire notion behind this seems to be that iPhone 6 will be the only “head-line worthy high-end phone” to be launched later this year and carriers wouldn’t want to miss out on it. So carriers and subscribers may have to split the extra $100 down the middle. If this happens, the base iPhone 6 could cost $250 with a two year service contract.

This move also has the potential of backfiring. Particularly in markets where carrier subsidies don’t exist. Customers pay upfront for their devices, and with the market already flooded with cheaper alternatives, it might be chore to sell them even more expensive iPhones.

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