jbl-monitor-speakersJBL has been a mainstay in the world of audio technology for a fair number of years already, and this time around, their LSR305 speakers delivered some pretty impressive results for your ears. The LSR305 happens to be an entry level model for JBL’s new 3-series of consumer-grade monitors, where it boasts of a pocket friendly price point of $150 thereabouts for each speaker. The individual speakers are self powered, where it delivers XLR and quarter-inch inputs, so that you can drive them with just about anything that you have in your possession, ranging from a smartphone to a professional DAC.

Using JBL’s latest waveform technology that is known as Image Control Waveguide, sound will home in to you like a heat seeking missile. Specially designed to manipulate waveform distribution so that full sound can be enjoyed at any point in the room, it will certainly bring about a paradigm shift when it comes to affordable and yet high quality speakers.

JBL has plans to sell the LSR305 to music lovers, DJs, budding audio engineers, and basically anyone who is on a tight monthly budget and yet would like to enjoy an upgrade to their respective home theaters. There is nothing quite like having a pair of speakers that deliver crystal clear audio at a price point you can agree on, right?

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