super-smash-bros-wily-stageA new Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS is currently being worked on and last we checked, it was pegged for a release later this year, or so we hope. The upcoming title is considered by many to be the fourth Super Smash Bros. title to date, which is why it is interesting that Bandai Namco has recently put out an ad to recruit programmers for a certain Super Smash Bros. 6.

This listing was spotted by Game Jouhou where it revealed that Bandai Namco was seeking programmers for the title that was pegged for a 2015 release. The listing also reveals that there are around 120 people working on it at the moment and there are plans to increase it to 200, suggesting that this is a project that has been in the works for a while.

Like we said this is interesting because the upcoming Super Smash Bros. is the fourth installment in the game. What this could mean is that someone could have made a mistake on the listing and that it could actually mean that the upcoming title will be delayed to 2015. Another possibility is that the Wii U and 3DS title could be the fourth and fifth titles respectively, so a sixth would not be out of the question.

However to release a new Super Smash Bros. title shortly after the previous one does seem to be a bit hasty and does feel quite unlikely. We should note that the person who posted the ad has other ads up and running and has been connecting developers to software companies for the past 3 years, so there is a good chance that it isn’t a fake.

In any case the next installment of Nintendo Direct will be taking place on the 8th of April, so if you’d like to learn more about the future of the Super Smash Bros. title, whether it might be delayed, whether or not there will be a sixth installment, check back with us on Tuesday for the details.

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