math-gameWe’re not sure where it started or how it started, but the stereotype still exists that boys are better off suited when it comes to tech-related or engineering fields of study. Obviously those stereotypes are wrong given that we’ve seen our fair share of women who are equally capable, if not better, than their male counterparts.

It is precisely this kind of culture that we need to nurture which is why we’re not surprised to see more programs aimed at girls that tries to get them interested in areas of study that are supposedly more male-oriented, like App Camp and the Hopscotch app. Joining that list recently is Kata Enterprises who recently launched their flagship game titled “SMART Adventures Mission Math” that was designed specifically for girls ages 9+.

Developed by Emily Clarke and her engineer mother, Kathryn Clarke, the goal of the game is to teach girls about math and will cover all sorts of topics like fractions, decimals, bar graphs, factors, multiples, and more. It even has a storyline in which the lead role is female which has the added benefit of providing young girls with a positive female role model.

According to the game’s description, “In this mystery adventure game, Space Station Prime is in chaos: the computers are down, the science labs are a mess, and the communication system is barely functioning. Is foul play involved? Playing as Agent Delta’s assistant Junior Agent Star, girls get to choose what their character looks like, use math skills to repair the labs, and question suspects to figure out “whodunit.””

The game has actually been out on the iPad for a while and it has recently had an Android version released where it will also be available on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Priced at $4.99, it seems like a sound investment for parents hoping to get their kids more involved in math (we don’t see why boys can’t get in on the game as well), so if you’d like to check out the app, hit on over to the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon for the download.

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