kitestringSay you’re out late and you’re in a sketchy neighborhood or somewhere you’re not familiar with, and you’re feeling a little paranoid. Instead of calling your parents, your best friend, or partner to have them keep you company on the phone, there’s now an app for that. It’s called Kitestring and basically what it does is that it lets the user set reminders in which if there is no response, Kitestring will attempt to contact your emergency numbers.

Users will have to key in numbers in which they want to be their emergency contact, like a parent or a friend, and every now and then, Kitestring will send you a text message asking if everything is alright. If the user does not respond within a certain amount of time, Kitestring will then attempt to contact the emergency numbers that you keyed in earlier.

Granted this won’t stop the bad people out there from attempting to mug, kidnap, or even rape you, but at the very least it will let your loved ones know that something could be wrong, as opposed to having to wait for hours or even days before they realize that something is amiss.

We should note that Kitestring isn’t the first of its kind as there are plenty of other apps out there designed for the safety of women in mind, but it definitely makes it onto the list, so if you’re planning a trip to a country you’re unfamiliar with, or planning on working late and want to let your loved ones know, perhaps this is an app worth checking out.

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