land-rover-transparent-bonnetYou do not have to be Superman in order to gain X-ray vision now, as the engineers over at Land Rover have come up with a pseudo working solution, where cameras and displays will work hand in hand to show you what lies beneath your ride. This unique concept of a ‘transparent bonnet’, so to speak, will use cameras located in the grille alongside jet-fighter-style displays on the windscreen, making the entire setup look as though you are staring right through your bonnet.

Heck, even Nick Fury’s tough-as-nails ride in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier did not have such a display to see that mine latch under his vehicle as it was dispatched by the Winter Soldier, although a fat lot of good that would have done him anyways. But I digress – this ‘transparent’ bonnet was designed for drivers who want to check out rocky terrain off-road, and city drivers too, can avoid hidden potholes without having to make second guesses.

Basically, this unique system functions in the same vein as that of an electronic periscope, where an image is projected from below the car onto the windscreen located in front of the driver via a Heads Up Display. I do wonder how this development in Land Rover will see its rivals play catch up down the road.

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