lechalWe did talk about the Lechal smart shoes before, charting its beginnings all the way to its emergence in the first quarter of this year. Just to recap, each pair of the Lechal trainers will rely on Bluetooth connectivity in order to guide your way to your destination. This means the visually impaired will also be able to make good use of it, as the shoes emit a discreet vibration in either foot, letting you know the exact moment where you would change your direction.

You can opt to pick up the Lechal trainers in a stunning Ferrari-red shade, or just make it part of your existing footwear in the form of an insole for $100 a pop either way. Apart from giving you directions, the Lechal shoes are also capable of taking stock of the number of steps that you have already taken, in addition to making an estimate on the number of calories that you have burned. Heck, it is also capable of buzzing you to warn you should you have left your smartphone behind, or to actually alert you whenever you walk past a landmark that is worth checking out.

We cannot wait to check out the Lechal shoes as they go on sale worldwide later this June, with more than 3,000 pre-orders taken already.

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